Hello all,

As some may have noticed, last year I was in Tanzania, Africa. I visited a friend's family there and had incredible experiences. I fell head over heels in love with the nature of this country right away, but above all I was able to meet super interesting people! One of them is a relative of the family i visited and who works as a teacher at the "mbonea secondary school". I was allowed to live with him for a few days and was even allowed to visit the school on one day and get to know teachers, students and parents. 



The day in school.

The day started with a very warm welcome at the school gate. A couple of teachers and the principal gave me a tour of the premises. I particularly remember the "dormitories", in which around 50 students spend the night during the week (see photo). In the rooms where it was extremely hot, there was not only a lack of leisure facilities, but above all of basic hygienic standards, such as duvets, bed linen or curtains to stop the heat of the East African sun on the windows. I played a small football tournament with the boys and towards the end I was allowed to have a nice discussion with teachers and parents. 



The goal

Before the visit ended, the students gathered once more to say goodbye and gave me one last request in the form of a wish list. This wish list includes all sorts of items, from basic dorm room essentials and clothes to football shirts and cell phones. I promised the students at that moment that I would do whatever I could to help with the requests. It is now up to me to keep this promise and I am therefore asking for your help, because this list represents the wishes, dreams and hopes of these boys and girls. The plan is to collect equipment such as curtains, bed linen, clothes, games, electr. Devices etc.  and to hand it over to the school at this year's “TALENTS DAY”. In order to pay for this "TALENTS DAY", and to pay the shipping and buying items on site, I would also be very happy about any little help we can get. For this, I opened up a PayPal-moneypool. THANK YOU SO MUCH !


africa theme_edited.jpg
africa theme_edited.jpg

1. getting equipment first hand

In the first step, we are trying to collect donations from friends and family. not only in the form of money, but primarily donations like clothes, bedsheets, curtains or boardgames.
Anything that you think, could be useful for sports and activities or for the dormitories. We will pick up everything from you and pack it into packages.

2. collecting financial help

second, we are collecting money to finance the "TALENT DAY" at the school in july and to send the clothes collected to tanzania and to purchase equipment on site. 

3. take record of everything 

Of course, we will track all the expenses and are planning to take pictures and videos of the "TALENT DAY". In the end, every donator will get a list with all the expenses and a report of the whole event, to make it transparent where the money went :)